Our daughter attended and completed her education at Legacy Academy. The staff was eager to help our daughter with her educational goals and aspirations. We were completely satisfied with our decision to send our daughter to Legacy Academy.

High Quality Education

First of all,I was very impressed with the presentation done by Mr. Victor Zamora Jr. A presentation that was done in a very professional manner. Making it easy for the audience to understand all areas,and with special guest providing all kind of information and details for the enrollment of the kids. I feel that Legacy Academy is one step up from Government schools and, it's going to cause a big impact in our community. Legacy Academy is by far the best option for the education for the upcoming generations.

Legacy is has a great and friendly environment. The teachers make it easy to learn and capture everything that is being taught. The staff is very welcoming and kind. Most importantly I appreciate the honesty of the staff!!

Previous student

Legacy Academy its from far the best proposition for your kids. They have real and solid Christian Principles, a vision and teachers who are really interested in the wellness of your kids and the future of The United States as a nation. Besides they are providing international education which is right now the leading education around the world. All of this combined is going to make your kids be prepared for academic and personal success in life whether they travel around the world or stay in the states. The Staff its also well prepared and truly committed to what they do.

Best People and quality preparation

My experience at Legacy Academy has been great. My daughter is currently attending and is learning very valuable morals and standards, that will truly help her later on in life. They bring out the best in the students, and make sure they go above and beyond.

Great service

It's been a pleasure being part of the team we have in Legacy Academy. Since I started working there, I've been challenged to achieve excellence in every area. Our leaders are constantly setting higher standards on us and pushing us to set not just an example, but to reach greater things that will impact the future of our nation. I'm proud to be part of such an amazing school because I know that it will truly make a difference in my lifetime and in future generations. I strongly recommend to visit their adversite, Facebook page and read through their manual. You will find to see that it offers so much for the education of your child.

Legacy Academy sets higher standards

My husband and I absolutely are thrilled we chose Legacy Academy. They have been nothing but loving and nurturing to our daughter. She is constantly learning new things, both academically and socially. We are comfortable knowing she is being well taken care of and that she enjoys her days at Legacy. The investment is totally worth it !

Legacy Academy is an excellent school with high academic and disciplinary standards. At Legacy Academy, the teachers work on developing an educational plan that best suites your child- this resulting in a fun and effective way of learning. As a parent of a student at Legacy Academy, I am very happy to see the improvement and growth in my daughter's education and behavior. I know that my daughter is receiving the best education and is being taught the importance of respect and values as well. My child is in a safe and loving environment and that brings peace and a great relief to me and my husband. Legacy is a great school and I strongly recommend it to anyone!

Completely satisfied parent!

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