Legacy Academy Student Application

Legacy Academy Student Application


The admission process is to identify potential children who demonstrate the promise of being successful leaders of tomorrow and are able to make a positive contribution within Legacy Academy.

Step 1)
Complete the application form (with the required documents and fees)

Step 2)
Evaluate your child's suitability towards this program. Diagnostic test will be tested on children who have completed kindergarten (age 5 and above) in another syllabus. Minimum results required for entry - passes successfully on educational level.

Step 3)
Upon results of the diagnostic test and recommendation of the Academic Manager, your child will be accepted to the Academy.

Step 4)
All parents or legal guardians are required to attend an interview (interview conducted in English)

Step 5)
Application process completed. If accepted, payment of registration fee needs to be done.

Step 6)
If the registration fee is completed, then enrollment will be confirmed.


  • Payment of application fee
  • Application and documentation received and checked for completeness
  • Diagnostic Testing, if necessary
  • Application reviewed by Academic Manager
  • Interview with parents or legal guardians and applicant (conducted in English)
  • Letter, e-mail or phone call of admissions decision


  • Non-refundable application fee
  • Current passport photo of the applicant
  • Photocopy of applicant's birth certificate
  • Latest grades and standardized test scores from previous school (if child has been enrolled in another school)
  • Private School Affidavit of Intent (We will provide the form to be completed by parent(s) or legal guardian(s)
  • Completed application form (student's application, statement of parents, medical history, letter of indemnity)


Legacy Academy reserves the right to reject any student application that does not meet the standards of the academy.


Fill out this form completely as the legal guardian of the child enrolling.
Read through the form thoroughly and ask us if you have any questions you need answered.
Complete ALL items in this form as incomplete forms cannot be processed.


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