Parental Involvement


  • Understand that homework is part of the course and provides enrichment opportunity for your child to stimulate creative, logical and critical thought.
  • Share any concerns you may have regarding the amount or type of homework assigned with your child’s Instructional Manager
  • Encourage your child to take notes concerning homework assignments in case questions arise later at home.
  • Provide a suitable study area and the necessary tools (paper, pencil, books, etc.) to complete the homework assignments.
  • Limit ‘after-school’ activities to allow time for both homework and family activities.
  • Set television viewing, computer games and homework time. Plan a homework schedule with your child. Allow for free time when assignments are completed.
  • Praise your child’s efforts.
  • If questions arise about the assignment, and your child asks for help, ask him or her questions or work through an example rather than simply providing the answer or doing the work for him/her.
  • Younger children need more parental assistance with homework than older children. Go over homework assignments with your child but do not do the work for him/her. Do several problems or questions together, and then observe your child doing the next few.
  • Ask to look at homework once it has been marked and returned.
  • Ask your child’s Instructional Manager about his/her homework policy.


Good parent/Instructional Manager communication is vital to the education process. A child who sees parents and school acting in partnership with his/her best interests in mind will have a more positive attitude towards school and learning than one who sees evidence of conflict between the two.

The following avenues for communication between parents and school are in place:

  • Schoology – an online school communication system and class resource platform
  • The twice-yearly written academic reporting system
  • Parent information evenings / conferences
  • Parent orientation
  • Parent/Instructional Manager meetings by appointment through the year
  • Legacy Academy Yearbook
  • Legacy Academy Website, provided upon enrollment
  • Legacy Academy Facebook

Please sign into your Schoology account for all school related information.

Parents may obtain the username and password from the child's class Instructional Manager. Schoology also has an accompanying app for smartphones and tablets. Please note that certain features available on the desktop version may not be available on the mobile version.


Parents should first address matters of concern with the class/subject Instructional Manager. If a satisfactory solution to any issue is not established then the matter should be raised with the Head of Primary / Secondary.

Questions related to administrative matters (enrollment, finance, etc) may be directed to the Business Manager office.

Parents are advised to communicate directly and personally to the Instructional Manager to the school office, and to address all matters in a calm and professional manner.