All-Inclusive Private School Education

All-Inclusive Private School Education

Our curriculum is tailored to the needs of each child enrolled in the program, and courses are designed to stimulate and challenge students while promoting interaction. Classes are taught by highly qualified and skilled instructors who are committed to student achievement, and our administrative staff also works hard to ensure that our students reach their full academic potential.

Private schools can provide children with the skills and child leadership preparation to succeed in their education and beyond graduation in their future careers. Here at Legacy Academy in Mesa, AZ, we strive to offer a solid academic foundation for all our students . If you'd like more information, we'd be delighted to show you our facilities. Call us today to schedule your tour. We're available Monday - Friday, 7:30am - 2:30pm, and Saturday - Sunday, by appointment (Tel: 480.610.1711).

Set Your Standards Sky-High

Our Mesa, AZ private school takes a fresh approach to learning

Typical learning institutions divide children by age, not experience. This can be limiting to children who are excelling as well as those who need more time to catch up. Here at Legacy Academy, our students are split in a more unconventional way:

  • Early Years Stage: Preschool/kindergarten
  • Key Stage 1: Grades 1-2
  • Key Stage 2: Grades 3-6
  • Key Stage 3: Grades 7-9
  • Key Stage 4: Grades 10-12

This allows your children to be placed in the programs that are appropriate for their personal learning needs. Call us today or fill out the contact form to learn more.

Give your children a head start with required language classes

Employers worldwide are seeking out multilingual candidates who can communicate with business partners on an international level. If you want your children to be taken seriously by globally-ranked employers in the future, you need to ensure they're getting the foreign language experience necessary to set themselves apart.

Students at Legacy Academy are required to participate in learning three languages: English, Spanish, and Mandarin. We believe these languages will become more and more useful in coming years, given our nation's current direction in domestic and foreign politics. Call us today at (480) 610-1711 to learn more about our foreign exchange and language classes.